Thursday, 4 March 2010

Lunar: Graffiti is my first love and will remain so...

"My personified animal characters are humans actually. I put them in context of doing regular things that humans do. I just simply put them in position to show as much with very little drawn. Some are lazy, some are crooks, some are just regular Harry, Dick and Tom with their own little satisfactions which will cost them life one day, like smoking or drinking. For some we feel sympathy, some are getting on our nerves, some are ugly, some are nicer, some we’d like to hug, some to kick their butt.. Graffiti are thing I naturally do since I was a kid. I always loved to play with letters. Since most people cannot read them I find it a play among the writers, like a video game with collecting points. As you evolve and grow, you find more efficient ways to put your name up. The writing which I sometimes put next to my pieces shows the way I felt at that time.. Sometimes might be some harsh sentence from a rap song, sometimes a thought from Russian literature which I might have liked." Lunar VISIT

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