Saturday, 6 March 2010

Broken Bells: The high road is hard to find...

"So I took the dog for a walk up in the mountains, and put this little dog on the leash, and went out to the nature trial. And I heard this rustling and it was bear season, when they start coming down out of the heights to forage for stuff. So I started kind of creeping up and I took the leash of the dog and put it over a stick. And I walked just a little bit further and a female black bear just stood up in front of me. It was huge, full grown. Way, way big. I was scared shitless. Then, at the same time, a cub went right up the tree. So I went RARGH” - he stands up, arms held aloft in an intimidating pose - “which I’d been instructed to do. I had a pistol, because it was bear season, so I guess that would have been the last resort. I started backing up, and I was literally shaking because I was so terrified, but acting pissed at the same time. Then I was like ‘Misty’ - the name of the dog - ‘Misty, Misty, come here’. She’s freaking out because I’m screaming and yelling, and she has no idea what’s going on because she’s blind. Of course, the dog can’t get to me, because she’s tied to a stick, so I have to go back to get to the dog.” He shakes his head. “It was just the most frightening thing I’ve ever experienced.” James Mercer, Broken Bells WATCH

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  1. haha i love this! how strange! i am loving this james mercer, dj dangermouse collabo. they're awesome together. i just ordered the deluxe edition of the album, it seems pretty sweet, i can't wait to see them in a live show