Sunday, 28 October 2012

Massive Attack: 21st anniversary of "Blue lines"... they are not the Massive Attack that made Blue Lines. Tricky departed not long after the release of the album, as did Shara Nelson, their first and greatest singer, both claiming they had not been given enough recognition for their contributions to the Massive Attack sound.
The original idea that was Massive Attack – the collective, elastic, shape-shifting but essentially tight-knit, identity that helped make Blue Linessuch a groundbreaking album has long since evaporated. The album, in all its newly polished glory, remains: a testament to a time when their vision was a truly collective one that challenged the notion of the pop group as well as the pop song. Twenty-one years on, Blue Lines still feels like a blueprint for a different kind of pop future: stranger, richer, day-dreamier.

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