Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Morrissey pays tribute to late superfan...

"I did not know Melinda personally, but I felt as if I did, she was a smiling face who lent strength to every single concert, even when events were going somewhat pear-shaped. I felt as if I knew Mel because she was always there – regardless of wherever 'there' happened to be; no snowbound landscape too far, no off-the-beaten track too untrekkable ... She had heard these live renditions enough times to emaciate the brain of the most inherently decent devotee.
Whenever I handed her the mic, she would make an effort to say something different ... She was booed by the audience once – in Killarney, when she asked (via microphone) with a tone of disbelief, 'Why Killarney?' but I don't think she meant the contorted snootiness assessed by the rest of the audience because she was not that type." Morrissay

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