Wednesday, 24 February 2010

We All Want Someone To Shout For

Its a blog. A music blog. We sent some stuff, they said some great things, we sent more stuff and it ended up looking like THIS.
We are thrilled and thankful and we feel a step closer to the world.
Visit them by clickin HERE, but just so you know who you are visiting, here is a sample of what they say about themselves: "The beauty of a music blog is that it is free from any format, so I can entertain your wildest wishes. I try to seperate myself from the overwhleming amount of music bloggers by making each post thoughtful and personal, rather than just posting dozens of mp3’s a day without thought. We All Want Someone To Shout for has solid fan base that is growing every day. I have an eclectic group of readers who have the same goal in mind : finding good tunes. I hope you want to achieve that same goal with us! We could use you!"

Thank You Will!!!


  1. BRAVO! Sreca je svuda. POSVUDA! :D

  2. No problem guys. And THANK YOU for making great muisc!