Tuesday, 9 February 2010

Groove Armada: I came to see whether love can heal, But I won't kneel...

Groove Armada were about to headline the Lovebox festival, their annual celebration of the band's success and its connection to London club culture. But for 2009 they'd decided to play only unreleased material from the album they were slowly piecing together. The songs were darker, more involved than their usual boisterous funk-inflected anthems; both men were worried about the audience's reaction.
''I've been doing gigs since I was six years old and I've never been as nervous as I was before that show,'' Cato recalls. ''It lasted for the first two minutes and then we hit the chorus of 'I Won't Kneel' and every arm in sight went up in the air.''
Calling in from his car as he drives from his farmhouse home, with converted cow shed as studio, in the south-west of France to a nearby town, Cato still gets excited when remembering that July night that effectively reincarnated Groove Armada. The melancholic, burnished 'I Won't Kneel' is now a single from Black Light, the duo's forthcoming sixth studio album. WATCH

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  1. Blacklight album is something completely new from Groove Armada with several excellent surprises