Sunday, 6 December 2009

I just want my trophy back, its not for sale...

So when I went to San Francisco I stayed right by the City Lights Bookstore, and I saw Jack Kerouac's street and the landscapes and the bay area, pine forests...everything I hoped it would be - Golden Caifornia with slightly sleazy undertones, really lovely things happening, like walking down the street at three in the morning after I'd gone to a really weird warehouse party where everyone was taking acid or something, it was quite scary... and then walk down the street and you just come across four black guys.. I think they were living on the street but like, tap dancing and singing like a chain gang kind of thing... just randomly echoing with nobody around , they could have been ghosts or something. You come across these amazing people, I came across lots of musicians, lots of people who told me that I should be going home to do it, and that I should do music and stuff.

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