Sunday, 25 November 2012

Bobby Womack on Janis Joplin...

Janis called me one day, and I'd never met her, ever. "Hi, Bobby," she goes, "this is Janis Joplin." Now, obviously I'm thinking, someone's playing a joke. So, I say, "Hi, this is James Brown, how're you doing?" But she wanted to record one of my songs with me, and asked me down the studio… I remember her coming and sitting in my car, asking me, where you get a car like this from? And I said, from recording with people like you, honey. And she laughed, and started singing, "Oh Lord, won't you buy me… " Twenty-five years later I heard that on a commercial, and that was mind-blowing because the first thing I thought about was her sitting in the car, going, let's go back into the studio and cut this. And I remember Paul Rothchild, her producer, saying, "Janis, can't we just do this another time?" And her going, "Ahhh, lets just do it now." I remember going to her hotel with her, and we stayed up all night, just talking about music… and I've got to be honest, I did have drugs with me, but it wasn't what she did. She was into girls [heroin], and I was into boys [cocaine]… and suddenly the phone was ringing, and whoever the guy was, asked: "Janis, is anyone with you?" And she said: "Bobby Womack", and he said, "I'm not coming up unless Bobby leaves." I've never understood that. She said, "You've got to go." We'll get together tomorrow, whatever. And as I was going down on the elevator, I remember hearing him running up the steps. I often wonder to this day who that was … a couple of hours later Paul called me … and said, "Bobby, she's dead." Stories like that, true stories, make you write, have something to say, have something to live for. They turn your life around.

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