Sunday, 10 January 2010

Charlotte Gainsbourg: and these songs that I sing do they mean anything...

Inevitably, the talk turns to her father, whose death of a heart attack in 1991 prompted mass grieving in Paris with President Mitterand calling him "our Baudelaire, our Apollinaire". I had read somewhere that his house on Rue de Verneuil in Paris had been left untouched since his death and that she wanted to turn it into a museum. She falls silent for a moment and I feel that I have maybe crossed a line. "No," she says finally, "I've stopped all that. I spent 17 years thinking and planning it but then, after my accident, there was a moment when I said no to everything for a while. I think this was the turning point. I suddenly realised that I did not want people coming to his house to know everything about him. They already know everything about him. I need to keep something for myself. Be selfish about that. I will just keep it the way it is. For me." WATCH!

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