Wednesday 24 February 2010

We All Want Someone To Shout For

Its a blog. A music blog. We sent some stuff, they said some great things, we sent more stuff and it ended up looking like THIS.
We are thrilled and thankful and we feel a step closer to the world.
Visit them by clickin HERE, but just so you know who you are visiting, here is a sample of what they say about themselves: "The beauty of a music blog is that it is free from any format, so I can entertain your wildest wishes. I try to seperate myself from the overwhleming amount of music bloggers by making each post thoughtful and personal, rather than just posting dozens of mp3’s a day without thought. We All Want Someone To Shout for has solid fan base that is growing every day. I have an eclectic group of readers who have the same goal in mind : finding good tunes. I hope you want to achieve that same goal with us! We could use you!"

Thank You Will!!!

Wait. Don't say that word. Think. Now, sing it back to me.

"Kinda reminds me of my own life: it seems I (nor the people around me) cannot express myself without using some pop culture media reference to do it for me. I speak in a language that is movie lines and song titles. I talk about my life through the media I digest. I don't say "ouch" anymore - I say "Doh!" I don't congratulate people anymore - I say "pwned!" I don't say happy anymore - I say :)" Juan Ozuna

Tuesday 23 February 2010

Chemical Brothers: EXIT, 2010, Novi Sad, Serbia

Hold Tight...
So do, i warn you,
I say things and died, i hold you,
Out of inner spirit, it's all right
It is you and me in our night,

You're a ghost in the doorway,
I can see through, but I hold tight,
I’ll just stay on holding until it hurts,
I just want you to know your lovely,

You're a ghost in the doorway,
I can see through, but I hold tight,
I’ll just stay on holding until it hurts,
I just want you to know your lovely,

Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong,
Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong,
Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong,
Don’t worry, nothing can go wrong,

Monday 22 February 2010

Prince: one nite alone...

In a pale blue spotlite
a figure spins around a voice calls out 2 u,
" you like the sound?"
The undulating acrobat ready 2 do ur bidding says,
"Come, U must let me dress u
but 1st I must do a fitting...
Do u like fast? Or do u like it slow?"

I know it's better if we make it up as we go...
and oh, by the way tell me now what's ur name?
I'll let it sweeten my tongue just once
and never speak it again
since this is our little secret
Untarnished memory in a pale blue spotlite
Let me hear u scream, if u're ready 4...
One nite alone... with me

Wednesday 17 February 2010

Four Tet: It is Pablo's heartbeat...

Pablo is my godson. His father recorded the heartbeat on his mobile phone at the doctor's office and sent me the recording. His parents were coming to see a live show I was doing, so I took that sound and played it through the sound system. It was really loud and sounded like a mad modular synth when the bass was pumped up. It was this really crazy scene. His heart at the time was probably the size of a pea and I was using it to make this immense sound. He's not very old, so he won't understand when he sees the record. I put it on as a little present to him. WATCH

Tuesday 16 February 2010

Stanley Donwood: It gets a bit annoying when you overhear people talking shite in galleries...

For 'In Rainbows', Donwood experimented with a photographic etching technique, putting prints into acid baths with various results, explaining: "It's a sensual record and I wanted to do something more organic. It's very colourful – I've finally embraced colour! It's a rainbow, but it is very toxic; it's more like the sort of one you'd see in a puddle." WATCH

Sunday 14 February 2010

Blur: My streets all pop music and gold ...

What am I to do
Someone is really not happy
Put myself on a line
It seems I never got through to you
So I wean myself off slowly

I'm a darkened soul
My streets all pop music and gold
All our lives are on TV
Switch off and try to sleep
People get so lonely

I believe I believe I believe
Everything's out to sea
I believe I believe I believe I believe
I believe it's the way it should be
I hope you feel the same

Tuesday 9 February 2010

nipplepeople: would like to thank ATER Studio...

Zahvaljujemo se na mirnim nocima i carobnim jutrima. Na novopostavljenoj tvornici vode. Na umjerenoj mrznji prema nasem refrenu, kad nije bilo razloga da ona ne preraste u apsolutno nepodnosenje. Zahvaljujemo se na svim posudjenim cigaretama, posudjenim usima, i ramenima za plakanje. Zahvaljujemo se za sve plesne koreografije na terasi. Posebne pohvale idu Sloveniji, svim bjelovarskim kaubojima, velikogorickim kultevima i prostitutkama s Dzamije. Ne bi uspjeli bez vas. Zahvaljujemo se i odsjeku s djecom, i veselimo se s vama, ali sa sigurne udaljenosti. Zahvaljujemo se i Glasu jer je dobar prema nama. Bio je to najkorisniji s** u nasim zivotima. Specijalni pozdrav tajnistvu, pogotovo njegovim novim clanovima. Di nalazite tako prekrasne ljude???
Svi ste vi proljece za nase oci, praznici za nase usi i zelimo spavat sa svima vama.

Groove Armada: I came to see whether love can heal, But I won't kneel...

Groove Armada were about to headline the Lovebox festival, their annual celebration of the band's success and its connection to London club culture. But for 2009 they'd decided to play only unreleased material from the album they were slowly piecing together. The songs were darker, more involved than their usual boisterous funk-inflected anthems; both men were worried about the audience's reaction.
''I've been doing gigs since I was six years old and I've never been as nervous as I was before that show,'' Cato recalls. ''It lasted for the first two minutes and then we hit the chorus of 'I Won't Kneel' and every arm in sight went up in the air.''
Calling in from his car as he drives from his farmhouse home, with converted cow shed as studio, in the south-west of France to a nearby town, Cato still gets excited when remembering that July night that effectively reincarnated Groove Armada. The melancholic, burnished 'I Won't Kneel' is now a single from Black Light, the duo's forthcoming sixth studio album. WATCH

Sunday 7 February 2010

Air: Lucky and Unhappy...

Do I need?
Do I need?
Schedule live
Do I need?
working trends
Do I need?
Recess lines
Do I feel?
Helium dreams
Do I feel?
Fresh impacts
Do I feel?
Endless nights
Do I feel?
venus joy
Lucky and unhappy
Vote for a freestyle life
Lucky and unhappy
Driving on the freeway flash line
Lucky and unhappy
Vote for a freestyle life
Lucky and unhappy
Driving on the freeway flash line